Sunday, March 4, 2007

Buried in Garbage

"The Payatas Dumpsite in Quezon City is the main terminal for the solid waste collected in the city. The Payatas' forerunner, Smokey Mountains, was notorious. The Payatas reputation became just as bad in connection with the huge landslide in year 2000 when a large number of scavengers were literally buried under the waste."

Remembering that day more or less 7 years ago, shall once again remind us to properly dispose of our trash.

The transformation of this green field into a mountain of garbage, proves that there is still a possibility of this happening again.


Somethings we better not get used to...

“Filipinos are forced to stay on their roof-tops due to floodwaters caused by typhoon Winnie in Gapan, Nueva Ecija province, north of Manila, November 30, 2004.”

This scenario is so common here in Philippines during heavy storms, people stranded on their rooftops, properties destroyed, and even deaths of many. We are so used in having floods every time a storm passes by our country.

“Flash Flood is a rapid flooding of geomorphic low-lying areas (washes), rivers and streams, caused by the intense rainfall associated with a thunderstorm, or multiple training thunderstorms.”
“Flash floods most often occur in normally dry areas.”

According to some experts, flash floods occur to dry areas wherein the land can’t absorb much of the rain. Since not much is absorbed, the amount of water in the run-off increases, joining the nearest body of water, thus increasing its volume and speed and causing a flash flood.

Philippines is a tropical country, we should be abundant of trees enough to absorb much of the rainfall. We should not be experiencing this as often as we do now, if only we took care of our environment. We should not try to get used in seeiing this kind of scenarios in our country, instead, lets do our best to prevent this from happening again.